Rotary Works is OPEN for Business

Rotary Works is OPEN for Business

Our Rotary District is working diligently to serve the professional needs of Rotarians who want to leverage their membership to find employment opportunities and career support

Rotary Works is a professional development and career guidance initiative born out of the foresight of District 6980 leaders, who saw the COVID-19 pandemic causing many Rotarians to lose their jobs in 2020. To address this challenge, we have created a Job Board on where Rotarians seeking to hire a candidate can post a job for free. After all, Rotarians are people who live and work by The Four Way Test and other values that guide our personal and professional decision-making.

Rotary Works also provides assistance to Rotarians seeking to transition to new career roles—particularly those who feel the need to explore other industries and career paths. To address this opportunity, Rotary Works offers free coaching from experienced subject matter experts to support their horizontal (new industry or sector) or vertical progression (advancement within an industry). This solution will help enhance and strengthen our value proposition as members of a Rotary Club in District 6980.

It has been widely reported that more than 100,000 Central Floridians lost their jobs in 2020. Many of these job losses were in the hospitality industry, along with other related industries, as a result of a massive drop in tourism due to COVID-19. However, it wasn’t only restaurant, hotel and theme park employees who were hit directly by the economic slowdown of the pandemic. Small businesses suffered as well since many of them depended on a healthy economy with high employment rates to mee their own financial goals.

With this in mind, Rotary Works is serving as an extension of Rotary Means Business. The opportunity to engage and interact with business owners who need to connect to opportunity is a parallel effort to helping people find jobs. Both work in tandem as initiatives to ensure progress, economic development and the wellbeing of Rotarians is ensured by having dialogue and collaboration beyond the now too familiar Zoom meetings. And so, Rotary Works will aim at connecting business owners to potential candidates to fill jobs as the economy re-engages a positive outlook in 2021.

To get involved in Rotary Works, all it takes is visiting and explore the following options available:

  • Rotarian Job Board: If your business needs to fill a position, you can send us your job posting via our Online Job Post form on this page. One of our Rotary Works stewards will review and verify that the information is complete and then proceed to post it on the Job Board. All you have to include is the title, location, industry, and a brief set of qualifications, along with an email or web address where candidates can apply.
  • Rotarians Seeking Jobs: If you are a Rotarian who would like to openly disclose you are seeking work, you can have your name, a headshot, and a brief professional intro posted with a link to your LinkedIn Profile. This allows potential employers to review your profile, which should mimic your resume and would allow them to securely contact you via LinkedIn’s messaging system. All we need is the web address to your LinkedIn Profile to populate this section.
  • Rotary Works Coaches: If you are a Rotarian who is willing to offer your experience and insight in an industry to coach another Rotarian seeking to find a job or change careers, this is where you can be listed. For Rotarians seeking to be mentored by one of these coaches, you can make a request using the online Request a Coach Form. Our District Coaching Coordinator will then review and match you to a coach who can support your career growth needs.

Rotary Works is an initiative created by Rotarians for Rotarians. It is born of the core value of Rotary life that uses fellowship as a connection to like-minded individuals in the world’s leading service organization. With Rotary Works, a Rotarian can now have an enhanced support network of Career Coaches, job-seeking services, and the opportunity to leverage his or her Rotary membership to support their professional goals—beyond the traditional benefits of belonging to a Rotary Club.

It should be noted that the Rotary Works initiative is evolving into a Zones 33 and 34-wide effort and we will keep you updated about future enhancements of Rotary Works beyond our district. The future of Rotary is being re-shaped by the innovative vision of many district leaders in Rotary Zones 33 and 34 to ensure we can meet the needs of members when they need us most. As we enter 2021 with hopes for a better year than last, Rotary Works is a fresh approach to making the most out of your membership in Rotary.

We look forward to your participation in Rotary Works. Remember, even if you are not looking for a job or seeking a career change you can still get involved as a coach if you have experience in a field of work and can volunteer your time and wisdom to help other fellow Rotarians.

To get started, visit and explore the options available in Rotary Works.